Writing a Good Academic Article

Academic articles can be challenging to write when you are not sure what they should include. There are various elements that contribute to a good academic article but it depends on different factors. The idea is to get familiar with the writing process, find out what topics make for good research and writing content, and determine the audience the content will be for. The concept is important for different reasons.

There are academic articles that become published content that is read by larger audiences. In this case you will want to choose something people will want to read about. Maybe your article is something that will help boost your grade point average. In this case it helps to choose a topic you enjoy. The following tips can help you get an idea of what is required for writing academic articles.

  • Review different writing styles aside from academic including journalist and informal. The idea is to be able to write content that will grab attention of the reader. From here you can select the style you feel will best compliment your topic and data.
  • Play around with words with the concept of nominalization. Basically, a verb becomes a noun or you eliminate unneeded words when paring of language. You can search for sample article content that may display the concept further for better understanding. This technique may or may not work for your topic, but experienced writers who like to play with words and meanings may find a way to incorporate the concept into any topic.
  • Determine your voice and know the differences between passive and active voices. The object of an action is the subject of a sentence (passive). The sentence includes the subject acting upon the object (active). Some subjects may be better written in a certain voice, but you may notice your strong and weak areas and know which voice to write with.
  • Read academic articles on topics or subjects you intend to write on. This is often one of the first actions students complete upon learning about their assignment. There are a number of samples available that may provide ideas on how to refine your topic and what details you need to include making your article stand out.
  • Make sure to proofread and edit your content. Pay attention to citation requirements presented by your instructor, as well as any footnotes.